Notable News: Week of October 6-12, 2012

So, who knew?  That post I wrote about the Good Men Project last week is still getting attention.  Interesting.  Got linked up by Slacktivist and Sarah Moon, two of my very favorite bloggers.  Yay!  If you’re not reading their posts already, you should go check them out.

Anyway, in other news, lots of things going on:

1. Good Men Project made this week’s list again for their raging stupidity and misogyny.

Come on, guys.  That half-hearted attempt at an apology left much to be desired.  Go read this post from Dianna Anderson for the story, the link, and her words (better than mine) on why this is just so much cow crap wrapped up in ribbons and bows.  Does anyone really still think that GMP is innocent?

2. Death penalty for rebellious children?

I get mad at my kids.  I scold them, I punish them, I take away privileges.  But the thought has never even once crossed my mind that I should have the government put them to death.  I don’t use this phrase all that often, but I think it’s required here: What the holy fuck?!  I am a Christian (despite my use of the f-word); this lunatic does not represent me.  Let’s hope he doesn’t represent you, either.  Recovering Agnostic has a great take on Charlie Fuqua’s bizarre suggestion.

3. Yeah, it’s old, but…

I found this when researching for my blog posts on Fifty Shades.  While I would love for you to continue reading mine, Jen’s are much funnier.  The best part is, you don’t even need to read the books yourself, because she does a chapter-by-chapter analysis.  I’m reading her posts as I read through the series, if only because it makes it that much more tolerable.

Wish me luck, it’s the first concert of the season with my orchestra tomorrow night.  I’ll see you all on Monday with the next Fifty Shades installment.  Have a great weekend, everyone!

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